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Sponsor Circle’s Audience Insights services enable more precise marketing and sponsorship strategies based on location and aggregate purchase behaviour.

  • Tourism & Audience Marketing
  • Know where your audience is coming from
  • Tailor your marketing spend to maximize your audience
  • Verifiably be able to quantify your economic impact
  • Sponsorship
  • Understand your audience’s spending behaviour
  • Define your audience’s spending baskets to drive sponsorship strategy
  • Quantify the ROI on sponsorship investmentst
  • Donations
  • Better understand trends in individual donations
  • Develop insights around the forces that impact giving
  • Know when people give, what factors impact their giving and how they donate
  • How do I maximize our advertising spend?
  • How do I target profitable new audiences efficiently?
  • How do I target profitable new audiences efficiently?
  • How can I understand audience spending behaviour beyond my organization?
  • How can I quantify our economic impact?

Our mission is simple:

Sponsorship for Purpose


In an instant, the world has changed. In-real-life events are gone...for now. But their audiences have not disappeared.  
Our goal is simple.

Find your right people

in the moments that matter