Sponsor Circle develops successful partnerships for sponsors and events.

Sponsorships are shortcuts to better business results, consumer love and more meaningful brands.
You might get it all without them, but it will certainly take longer and be more expensive.
– Ricardo Fort
Head of Global Sponsorships
The Coca-Cola Company

  • Strategy
  • Learn what you have to offer
  • Assess its true value
  • Create an actionable implementation plan
  • Event Bidding
  • Maximize sponsorship through Bids 
  • Find sponsors that need your audience
  • Easily show ROI against objectives
  • Programmatic for Sponsors
  • Extend your current media plan to include sponsorship
  • Bid on opportunities that match your demographic criteria
  • Create partnerships not transactions

Our mission is simple:

Sponsorship for Purpose


In an instant, the world has changed. In-real-life events are gone...for now. But their audiences have not disappeared.  
Our goal is simple.

Find your right people

in the moments that matter