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Every major brand today is being built with partnerships at its core. We navigate this fragmented industry to find the right partners that elevate brands and deliver results. We work with purpose driven events and festivals to find their next exhibitor or sponsor.

For agencies

If you manage event sponsorship or experiential marketing for your brand clients, find stand-out opportunities here.

For events and creators

Find new ways to monetize your events and digital channels. Find your next exhibitor or sponsor for your event.

For brands

Connect with your target consumer. Find new sampling and exhibtor opportunities. Showcase what you're looking for in an opportunity.

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We are innovating with the world. Join us and expand your reach.

Results Driven Strategies

Build a B2B profile to showcase your offering. Use our technology to compile media from participants and exhibitors to showcase the benefits of your event.


Our AI technology connects brands with opportunities based on campaign goals, target audiences, and desired timeframes.


Our dashboard helps brands and organizations measure and track campaigns, proposals, and exhibitor opportunities.

What people are saying...

“Sponsor Circle better allows for an apples-to-apples comparison between different properties."
Sponsorship Team
Meridian Credit Union
“I signed up for Sponsor Circle last week and its been super helpful - can't imagine life without it.”
Mike Cathcart
McMaster Athletics
“An excellent resource for our sponsorship team.”
Jon Collins
Parkinson Canada
“The sponsorship auction tool is an ingenious way to find sponsors.”
Victoria Lauren
Arrow Sky Media, Florida

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We're innovating with the world.
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