We help the sports and entertainment industry connect with new suppliers and sponsors. Our bid management tool helps the world's leading brand sales teams find the events that are looking to partner now.

Agencies and planners

If you manage multiple clients, this is for you. Whether its event planning or sponsorship, our platform will recommend vendors and brands who can offer more for your clients' dollars.

Events and sports teams

Find new ways to maximize your event or team profits. Tell vendors and sponsors what you're looking for. Discover new sources of revenue like fundraising with swag or travel.

Suppliers and sponsors

Do you sell into the events and entertainment industry? Create a profile to keep track of events that have issued bid opportunities to supply or sponsor them.

Start raising now

Looking for new ways to fundraise and find sponsors? Fundraise with merch and travel.
We are innovating with the world. Join us and expand your partnerships.

Fundraise while you shop

Learn how your organization can fundraise while you and your fans shop for exclusive merch or every day purchases.

Fundraise with travel

Your own branded travel pages helps you earn back on your own group travel and those of your fans


Everyone loves a good 50/50 draw. Now we have the technology to make it even easier.

What people are saying...

“Sponsor Circle better allows for an apples-to-apples comparison between different properties."
Sponsorship Team
Credit Union
“My sales team is notified when events are looking for an apparel sponsor.”
Sales Manager
“An excellent resource for our partnership team to find suppliers that want to become sponsors too. ”
Operations Manager
Marathon Series
“The sponsorship bid tool is an ingenious way to find events looking for media partners.”
Simplify the business of events and sports teams
Partnership Sales
Media Company

We're innovating with the world.
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