Shop for good

The smarter way to fundraise
with local and emerging brands that want to make a difference.

At Sponsor Circle, we believe in the power of community and the impact it can have on teams and non-profit organizations. That's why we created an opportunity for you to support your fundraiser of choice while you shop.

How it works

Create your account and select a charity

When you online shop, we help you find coupons and savings. Click "activate" when you find an offer.

Merchants donate to your charity with every purchase

Are you a charity? Get started now

With a growing list of merchants for you to shop from, Sponsor Circle is dedicated to help you generate impact. Let us know if you would like to register your non-profit to partner with us on this initative.

Some of the merchants we work with

Lavender Polo Farms - 12% cashback
Mark's - 2% cashback
Zwilling - 1% cashback
checkbone beauty 4% cashback
Find deals and .5% cashback
1.5 % cashback
1% cashback
springfree trampoline 3% cashback
3% cashback
Roots - 6% cashback
Find deals and .5% cashback
Cruelty free bliss - 1.5% cashback
Up to 20% cashback