Find and engage with your audiences in new and different ways.

Every brand marketer is under the gun to break through and reach more of the right customers. You need the right opportunities to get the undivided attention of your target customer at the moment they are ready to listen.

Sampling? Brand awareness? Thought leadership? Where to start? Wouldn't it be great to engage in new and different ways without all the hassle of trying to find them? That's where we come in.

How does it work?

Drive brand impact through partners

Sampling? Exhibitor? Thought leadership? In kind sponsorship? What do you need to drive brand impact? Whether it’s sponsorship, purpose driven brand campaigns, cross-promotional or channel partnerships, we find those unseen opportunities that accelerate your brand ability to engage with your audience you want. We have a particular expertise in analyzing, researching and negotiating with new partners to optimize your ROI.
Digital and In-person Sponsorship

We have a database full of events and festivals. You can search, or use or platform to share out your brand goals? Sit back and Sponsor Circle will do the rest.

Purpose driven campaigns

Identify strategic social impact opportunities that elevate your brand identity. We have a specialty in opportunities that are diverse and inclusive. Let your customers engage with you in a new way.

Affiliate and channel partnerships

From brand awareness through to sales conversion, discover strategic cross-promotional opportunities with complementary partners. We specialize in B2B opportunities that generate ROI and elevate your brand image.

Brands we have worked with

Right for you

If you are looking to achieve your marketing goals and engage with your target audience in new and different ways, let's get started! We are looking to help marketers find new ways to engage using lesser known opportunities that allow brands to align with specific themes.
Our curated database of the best festivals, sporting events, podcasters, apps and influencers helps you succeed in your strategic goals. Using a hybrid performance and placement approach, these partners expand your brand’s online and in-person reach using tactics like content marketing, activations, reviews, social posts and newsletters.
You can find these partners in 4 easy steps:

Launch your program in 3 weeks

1. Set up profile

Sign up and indicate that you are a brand looking to find new ways to connect with your consumer. 

When you finish your profile, you can access industry news and insights. You can be found by other users who are looking for new partners. 

2. Review curated opportunities

Your brand is matched up with the right festivals, events, influencers and publishers to promote your brand, according to your goals.  


3. Building the content and outreach

Your identified partners prepare online and in-person content experiences for you to approve before they go-live.  

4. Keeping track of it all

That’s it! When you connect with the right partner, there is a success charge, but the best part is you are rewarded with return on your investment when it is the right connection.

Our platform tracks and and manages the campaign. In the future, we will manage the transaction.