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Digital and In-person Sponsorship

We have a database full of events and festivals. You can search, or use or platform to share out your brand goals? Sit back and Sponsor Circle will do the rest.

Purpose driven campaigns

Identify strategic social impact opportunities that elevate your brand identity. We have a specialty in opportunities that are diverse and inclusive. Let your customers engage with you in a new way.

Affiliate and channel partnerships

From brand awareness through to sales conversion, discover strategic cross-promotional opportunities with complementary partners. We specialize in B2B opportunities that generate ROI and elevate your brand image.

Brands we have worked with

Find out who is looking for partners now.

1. Set up public profile

Sign up and indicate that you are a supplier to the event industry. Share what types of scenarios you are open to – vendor, in kind or sponsorship.  

When you finish your public profile, you can be found by events looking to connect with you. 

2. Review curated opportunities

Search for events that are looking for your product or service. When you subscribe you will be notified when they are looking for you. Whether its finding a new category sponsor or a new beverage supplier, you will have a chance to respond to their request for proposals. 

3. Working with your new partner

When you connect with your new potential partner, you can negotiate your win-win agreement directly. 

4. Keeping track of it all

Receive notifications of any future requests for proposals with similar events and sports teams.