We're in this together

When people engage in the things they are passionate about....we all win.

It all started with a problem that desparately needed to be solved.

Advertising through sponsored ads and social influencers was getting easier to navigate.

At the same time, events and festivals were simply not keeping up with technology making it less attractive for brands to sponsor.

Surely there had to be a better way. We got to work to solve this problem - creating a new laneway for brands to connect with their audiences. And so, we celebrate the original influencers - where people connect and brands break through at conferences, festivals and sporting events.

The heartbeat of humanity.

12+ billion

We want to solve a common issue that is found in over 1 million festivals, non profits and sports events – finding corporate sponsors. With our platform we’ve built a better way for non profits to spend their time and money. By helping non profits qualify leads faster, we see a 1% savings in development expenses with our platform by doing the heavy paperwork lifting. This could divert $12 billion to be spent on their mandate.

224+ billion

FOR BRANDS AND THEIR AGENCIES Finding the right moment to connect with an audience is the what every marketer wants. Our platform helps ambitious brands to find ways to connect through meaningful experiences.Through our recommendation engine and search feature, we save brands 20+ hours time vetting opportunities.

The Result: For the 15+ million companies in North America that use sponsorship to drive a portion of their marketing spend, that’s $224 billion in savings that could be applied to achieving a purpose driven mandate.

Our promise

FOR PEOPLE MAKING CONNECTIONS Sponsor Circle is committed to making the world a better place. As part of our goal to become B Corp certified, we are committed to dedicating 1% of our revenue to the things we are passionate about. We use the Sponsor Circle platform to receive proposals from organizations.

Mary Beth Kyer


Mary Beth Kyer, CPA CMA and her team have managed strategic projects that are poised to fundamentally change organizations. A leader in technology driven solutions, Mary Beth has helped Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profits to build creative marketing and learning solutions that connect to their audiences.

Mary Beth knows the virtual delivery industry – as a principal of Euphoria, she worked with some of North America’s largest companies build to successfully implement large media and e-learning roll-outs, change management and training for technology solution. Her clients include, Loblaw, Telus, Arterra Brands and Royal Sun Alliance.

Brad McCabe


Brad McCabe has over 20 years experience working with not-for-profit, government and corporate organizations focused on partner development, outreach & experiential marketing, and audience engagement. The scope of his work has included local, regional, national and international initiatives.

When it comes to marketing and audience engagement, he succeeds for his clients by focusing on brand alignment and fit. He has developed brand strategy and built a portfolio of assets and activations that match sponsor needs.

This focus has had great results in audience development & targeting, partnership valuation & matching and in experiential engagement.