About Us

Passion, Partnership, Impact.

We’re focused on building a better way to strengthen the fabric of our communities with meaningful connections that happen when people engage in the things they are passionate about.

$12+ billion

We want to solve a common issue that is found in over 1 million festivals, non profits and sports events – finding corporate sponsors.

With our platform we’ve built a better way for non profits to spend their time and money.

By helping non profits qualify leads faster, we see a 1% savings in development expenses with our platform by doing the heavy paperwork lifting.

This could divert $12 billion to be spent on their mandate.

$224+ billion

Finding the right events and festivals that truly align with your strategic goals can be time consuming.

Our platform helps corporate sponsors to save at least 30 hours a month to evaluate and qualify sponsorhip proposals. The result can be a 20% improvement in time spent more wisely.

Result: For the 15+ million companies in North America that use sponsorship to drive a portion of their marketing spend, that’s $224 billion in savings that could be applied to achieving a purpose driven mandate.

Our promise

Sponsor Circle is committed to making the world a better place.

As part of our goal to become B Corp certified, we are committed to dedicating 1% of our revenue to the things we are passionate about.

We use the Sponsor Circle platform to receive proposals from organizations.

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