Amplify your brand voice at the moment your customer is listening

Every marketer is under the gun to break through

And it’s getting harder. To cut through the noise, you need to find the right opportunities that let you get the undivided attention of your target customer at the moment they are ready to listen. That’s where we come in.

How it works for brands
1. Sign up

Create an account and identify your marketing objectives, target audience and areas of interest. Once you have registered, you can then easily find digital opportunities that connect you with your target consumer through events, teams, influencers and rights holders.

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2. Apply goals and objectives

What is your brand looking to accomplish? This could be any or all of the following goals. 

1. Build brand awareness
2. Reach specific audiences
3. Create brand ambassadors
4. Drive sales
5. Impact brand sentiment 

Determining the desired outcomes, budget and timelines is an important step in this process to evaluate the campaign’s success. 

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3. Identify opportunities

Use our AI driven matching technology to identify sponsorship marketing opportunities that match your desired audience, goals, budget & objectives.
Proactively use our tools to build your sponsorship campaigns and timelines.

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4. Select your campaign partners

We make it easy for you to implement your sponsorship campaigns. Create an easy relationship with your identified partners through our direct access and digital placement exchange. 

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5. Measure results

We know how important is for you to be able to track and understand the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Your Sponsor Circle dashboard provides ongoing views of your campaigns’ performances across all your partnerships. We hold funds in escrow until the campaign has been successfully completed by the property. 

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What we do for brands

Amplify Your Brand Voice

Engage with the people you most want to talk to through experiences in the sport, event, and festival experiences.

Measure Your Success

A simple dashboard helps brands and their agencies to easily evaluate the success of the entire campaign spend.

Strategy Development

Need help with strategy and campaign development? Our sister company Euphoria Interactive can help you out.

Highlighted profiles

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