Italfest MTL 2021

Building new partnerships

For more than 25 years, Montreal’s Italian Week has proudly celebrated the beauty and riches of Italy in its beloved metropolis. In 2021, ItalfestMTL celebrated the festival both in the streets, drive-ins and online.



Sponsor Circle’s unique approach to find and manage partnerships resulted in several new brand partnerships for the festival. 

At the heart of these new partnerships were the strong alignment and seamless integration of the brands into the festival experience. 

In addition to securing these new sponsors, Sponsor Circle helped the festival optimize the sponsors’ reach and engagement with sampling opportunities, and new social media strategies through content curation and additional outreach through the festival’s influencers. 



• Building of sponsorship auction framework and potential partner list based on Sponsor Circle’s experience and AI recommendation engine technology.

• Sponsor & Programming Alignment – Created Sponsorship strategy, advising on how best to evaluate and optimize the festival’s assets.

• Work with new sponsors to help optimize their reach, activation and sampling opportunities through the festivals program.

• Activation – Coordinate with Italfest MTL’s content and production teams in the delivery of sponsor benefits 

• Engagement – Coordinate with Italfest MTL’s event team to create exciting social announcements and share ‘in the moment’ content that was available to the sponsors for use in their social channels.

• Reporting – Work with Italfest MTL to establish metrics and data capture to create defined reporting to meet sponsors’ KPIs