Parkinson Canada

Value-driven strategy

Parkinson Canada is the voice of Canadians living with Parkinson’s disease, from diagnosis to discovery. Parkinson Canada provides education and services to support to those living with Parkinson’s and their families, funds research to search for better treatments and a cure, and advocates with governments on issues that matter to the Parkinson’s community in Canada.


With the annual SuperWalk upcoming, Sponsor Circle developed a value-driven sponsorship strategy to allow Parkinson Canada’s development team to be flexible and responsive in its approach to sponsorships. We took a close look at Parkinson Canada’s values and the demographic they serve, developing an equity framework for the organization. Accordingly, we identified sponsorship opportunities and a framework to streamline their regional locations with national initiatives and the overall organizational rationale.



• Definition of SuperWalk’s “sponsor equity”  
• Creation of an inventory of SuperWalk’s sponsorable assets
• A reassessment of the existing sponsorship valuation
• An assessment of and strategic advice on the national, provincial and regional sponsorship roles and activities
• Development of a “core” sponsorship deck for SuperWalk
• A list of sponsorship prospect verticals with rationale