The Canadian Garden Council, in partnership with Canada’s Garden-Family, have proclaimed 2022 Canada’s “Year of the Garden” in honour of the centennial of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. This national celebration – the world’s first – will bring Canadians together to:

– Celebrate our contemporary and vibrant garden culture.
– Engage Canadians now and into the future with sustainable garden legacies.
– Remember our national garden heritage while celebrating the 100-year anniversary of our ornamental horticulture sector.

Most of all, we will extend an exciting invitation to every Canadian to
Live the Garden Life.
KEY BENEFITS: The Canadian Garden Council invites you to join Year of the Garden 2022 as a Corporate Sponsor. For companies looking to engage with Canadians from coast to coast, the Year of the Garden 2022 provides significant and lasting opportunities.

– Before 2022 as we promote the upcoming celebration
– During the year-long Year of the Garden 2022 celebrations
– After 2023 through the legacy projects

Reach new customers and strengthen your connection to existing customers through our $1.5 million marketing campaign. Year of the Garden 2022 will reach 83% of Canadian households who garden or are interested in gardening.

Build relationships with new gardeners. The global pandemic has and continues to increase the public’s appetite for plants and gardening. This is an ideal opportunity to build relationships with the next generation of gardeners.

Achieve your corporate objectives to contribute to environmentalism, nature-based solutions to climate action, and programs to improve the mental and physical health and well-being of Canadians.

Align your brand with gardening and its benefits, including good nutrition, activity, and nature. Become rooted in the minds of Canadians as a brand that celebrates the rich life experiences we enjoy through horticulture. Welcome to our Garden Family.


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December 17, 2021
Dec. 17, 2021 – Jan. 28, 2022
January 28, 2022

$ 250,000

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