Fresh Sponsorship Ideas for 2024

Here are some additional ideas to freshen up your sponsorship offering for 2024.

1. Giphys. Giphys are fun and easy ways to communicate to consumers. If you are a signature event in  your city, consider making a giphy that showcases a sponsor. This has been done successfully by College Football Playoffs where their giphys were viewed 270 million times since 2020, deepening fan engagement, allowing the brand and event partnership to live far beyond the actual event. For details, check out the Giphy for College Football Playoff.

2. Digital Contesting. Sponsors are looking for digital followers and the opportunity to connect with your audience after the event. Build a contest for your sponsor that allows them to increase the number of followers to their social channel. Make sure it is a compelling offer. As an example, Barilla, Ruffino and Flight City offered a free trip to Italy for contestants of a 2021 event. For more details about the event, you can read it here. You can win a trip to italy with Barilla Ruffino and Flight Centre.

3. Use Geolocation technology. Everyone is carrying a mini beacon in their pocket. Cellphones are the new frontier of geolocation technology which allows you to build anonymonized audience insights for you and your sponsors. This technology has become relatively cheap in recent years and allows you to identify demographics, affinities, heat mapping,
dwell times and postal code mapping. With this technology, event organizers can connect with audiences with location-specific messages. For example, when an attendee is close to the ‘leading beverage company’s main stage’, attendees can receive messages on their device and targeted advertising long after the event has ended. If you need to learn more about your attendees, you can use the geolocation technology to undertand the type of attendee on any given day based on where they were on a given day.

4. Streamline your pitch. When speaking with a potential sponsors, be sure to focus on what you have to offer as a creator or event. Don’t waste your limited time talking about what you need. Be sure to consider the type of reporting and results you can provide. Consider:

  • Opportunities for sales convesion
  • Borrowing equity
  • Increase sponsors following
  • Move beyond a one day event
  • Sampling

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